Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel (1860)

In this chapel we commenced the year by holding special prayer meetings three times a day. On Saturdays we have four prayer meetings and God has very graciously answered us. His people have been quickened, the society has been augmented and the congregation greatly enlarged. Our prayer meetings are as numerously attended as our preaching services formally were; and what is more important, God has been and is working among us. Hard hearts have been softened into tenderness; dark minds have been illuminated by the rays of divine truth. We have seen eyes wet with tears – lips quivering with anguish – strong men Bowing and writhing under a sense of guilt and a consciousness of danger and heard them crying, "God be merciful to me a sinner – Lord save me or I perish – I am a wretched sinner, lost, undone – Lord save me, Jesus have mercy upon me. I believe thou wilt – I believe thou hast – I feel thou hast – glory be to God – thank the Lord." Oh, what rejoicing! What shouts of joy did then emanate from these pardoned ones, until the chapel echoed with the loud and joyful sound of "hosanna to God." We have seen them after being blessed with a sense of pardon, praying mightily for the salvation of others. Husbands for their unsaved wives, wives for their unpardoned husbands, parents for their children, children for their parents and penitents for themselves. Almost every service souls are saved, sins pardoned, penitents blessed and burdened sinners relieved of their fears. Our meetings continue until nine, 10 and sometimes 10:30 o'clock at night. The meetings are generally addressed by one of the laymen or ministers present, for 10 or 12 minutes when a free, full and present salvation is urged upon them and mostly with success. Up till now God has kept working among us and the registered number of conversions that have taken place in this chapel is 108! To God be all the glory.

Underground prayer meetings are being held and there God has been with his people. Down the deep shaft in the dark mine under the huge hills of old Wales, shut up from the heat and light of the sun; there He has manifested Himself, lit up their dark minds with the rays of the sun of righteousness and blessed them with the pearl of great price. The whole neighbourhood seems awakened and impressed by what is going on around. Bless God, many here have believed and are saved. No longer drunkards, swearers, gamblers, sabbath breakers and blasphemers, but sober, praying, holy people. The different sects in the place are making use of special means for the promotion of God's glory; and the efforts of them have been crowned with some success.

'The Revival', volume iI, 25/2/1860

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