Edern Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church (1859)

At Edeyrn lived an eminent minister, the Rev. Griffith Hughes, who wrote as follows in his Diary: "I have experienced in this Revival much of the joy of religion, more than since 1832, and none of the troubles of that time. This is the third Revival within my memory; the others, 1819, when I joined the church, and 1832; but this is the greatest of the three."

When David Morgan preached at Edeyrn, a large number were brought in. "I don't know how in the world I'll manage to shepherd them," said Griffith Hughes. " It will be easier for you to shepherd them in the fold than on the common," retorted the Revivalist. One of the deacons said later to Mr Hughes, "The Revivalist was very successful tonight, was he not?" *'Yes, he has a fine time of it,'' said the old pastor; " he only catches the fish, it is we that will have to salt them."

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, page 160

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