Horeb Calvinistic Methodist Church - Brynsiencyn (1859)

"At Brynsiencyn" records the Diary, "powerful influences fell on all, as the unconverted went out, and the doors were being shut. Eighteen converts remained. Some were praying, some 'praising'; some were on their knees, some standing, others sitting. I listened for ten minutes to one girl praying for her father; she was seated and bathed in perspiration. 'O Lord', she cried, 'remember my father, with his poor grey head; save my father with his poor grey head; his head is whitening fast. I have never seen him on his knees, never heard him pray; O remember him with his poor grey head. Thou didst hear me once before; hear me this time, and save my father with his poor grey head."'

There remained behind also a foul-tongued old baker, whose head had grown hoary in wickedness. *^ Will you pray at home with your family tonight?'"' " I am afraid I cannot," he replied. "O sir," he added, "there is a terrible place yonder to go to." "Do the best you can," urged the Revivalist. John went home and asked for a Bible. His wife jeered at him, and his son and daughter cursed him for an '' old hypocrite." Yet he persisted, and having read a chapter, the notorious Brynsiencyn blasphemer falls on his knees, scoffed at by them of his own household. He burst out in a shrill cry: " Thou knowest. Lord, that I am a sinner, who has deserved to be damned." With a still louder outcry, he repeated, " Who has deserved to be damned." He continued with deafening clamour, "Who has deserved to be damned^ WHO HAS DESERVED TO BE DAMNED." The mockers were awed and horror-struck by the sound of these pains of hell, and the neighbours who had gathered about the door could hardly say which of the four now roared the loudest. The old man continued his supplications: '' I want mercy, Lord. Let me not perish. Let me not perish. LET ME NOT PERISH." The living coal touched and cleansed his lips; and when he died, he faced the last enemy with full assurance of faith.

From, 'The '59 Revival', by J J Morgan, pages 176-7.

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