Mumbles Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1859)

During the past five or six weeks a great and glorious work has been going forward here, commencing with a few young men and young women at the ordinary services, crying for mercy. It soon began to extend itself. Additional services were held in the two chapels, Wesley and an independent and crowded congregations met together night after night. The result has been that God has been pleased to pour out his spirit abundantly; numbers have been converted and are now rejoicing in a sense of sins forgiven and are anxiously endeavouring to lead others from darkness to light from the power of Satan to God. As far as can be ascertained the number of converts who have, during the time named, joined themselves to the societies, is about 150. At present the awakening is confined almost to these two chapels which are now more crowded than the first. The greater number of the converts up from 18 to 22 years of age.

From, 'The Revival Newspaper', Volume I, December 31st 1859, page 182.


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