Llngwyryfon (1859)

'Stalwart fellows would moan as if crushed beneath stupendous burdens or pierced with swords. Some would weep as if their hearts were breaking, others fall into ecstatic swoons. Waves of power often overwhelmed them and most extraordinary physical effects accompanied their impact. Many leapt and danced in the exuberance of their rapture. The Lord made their feet literally like hinds feet and make them walk upon their high places. When the breeze blew strong from the eternal hills, the established formalities and proprieties of a religious service were cast to the winds; all the Lord's people became prophets and the ordinary barriers of diffidence and reticence having been swept away began to speak, sing or pray as the Spirit gave them utterance.'

Referring to David Morgan's ministry here.

From, 'When He is come', by Eiffin Evans, page 70.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were

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