Tongue (1773)

A Macgillivray. Sketches of religion and revivals in the north highlands during the last century. 1859.

William McKenzie decided after four years that his work was a failure. In 1773 he told his parishioners he hoped God would move him somewhere else. ?From that day forward there was a blessed outpouring of the Spirit of God. He told me himself (and he was a man incapable of vain boasting) that for years afterwards he never preached on the Lord?s Day but some of his people on the ensuing week, at times as many as six or eight, came to him under conviction of sin, asking the way to Jesus? I remember asking him what were the truths in his preaching which seemed to have been especially blessed for producing the awakening, and I could never forget his answer? He told me that the truth which seemed above all the others to impress and awaken his people was the dying love of Jesus Christ.

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