Auldearn - Conventicles (1670)

Standing at the door of the Free Church Manse of Auldearn and looking south, you have before you the steep gorse-covered side of the Hill of the Aar. The rugged slope is furrowed by several torrent courses. One of these, somewhat deeper and wider than the others, with a mass of gray boulder shutting it in at the lower end, you observe above the farm-house of Dalmore. This ravine is still known as Hogg's Strype. To this sheltered hollow Hogg retired with the congregation, which had grown too large for the dwelling and barns of Knockoudie. There, for many a Sabbath, with the granite boulder as his pulpit, and the blue sky as his canopy, he preached the Word with power.

This observation was made about 200 years ago.

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