Presbyterian Church Tyrone's Ditches (1859)

It is now upwards of two months since the good work of the Lord manifested itself in the above-named localities. The interest excited at the first outburst of the movement continues unabated, although the outward manifestations are not now nearly so numerous. The results of the Revival are of a striking and undeniable character. The ordinary Sabbath services are crowded; prayer-meetings are established all the country round; the Sabbath-schools are filled, and there is now no lack of teachers. The trade of the whiskey-seller is in a hopeless condition. Another of the blessed influences of the Revival here is seen in the unity and brotherly love which exist in a neighbourhood, hitherto notorious for its religious sectarianism. You can now see Seceder, Covenanter, Assem­bly-man, Episcopalian, and Methodist, seated side by side, listening to the story of the Cross, where formerly they would have hardly looked one another in the face.

From ‘The Revival Newspaper,’ Volume i, p74, Oct 1st, 1859.

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