Killinchy Presbyterian Church (1859)

"The gracious awakening, with which the Lord is visiting His people, is making delightful progress in this district. At a prayer meeting on Thursday last, the Divine manifestation appeared in the case of an interesting youth who, when the congregation had partly dispersed, was found bathed in tears and praying in fervent tones for mercy in Christ. The following evening several were cast down in great agony of soul and, at every meeting since, numbers have been similarly affected who have, afterwards, found great peace and joy in believing.

"On the Sabbath, the Presbyterian Church was densely filled, both morning and evening, with a congregation of upwards to fifteen hundred souls. After the usual services, solemn and heart-stirring addresses were heard from Mr Beattie of Ballymena and a current convert from Ahoghill. The quickening power of the Spirit was largely manifested, and the convictions were numerous at both services. A prayer meeting has been held in the same place every evening this week, and the spacious building filled by devout worshippers. The power and presence of the Spirit are witnessed at every meeting. The good work of the Lord is fully begun here and is producing the happiest results in the conviction and conversion of souls. A feeling of deep reverence pervades the whole community, and the Lord is doing wonderful things in righteousness." "The Banner of Ulster" 30th June 1859

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