First Presbyterian Church Armagh (1859)

"In the 1st Presbyterian Church, many souls are daily finding peace at the cross of Christ. On Sabbath morning last the Spirit's presence was greatly manifested in the Sabbath School. Many of the children and young persons of both sexes left the church with the solemn words on their lips:— 'Lord, save me or I perish.' A great number of those are now able to say:— 'I am happy in Christ.' After the morning service in the church last Lord's day an affecting scene was witnessed in the retiring room. Eight persons were all on their knees, at the same time wrestling in intense agony of prayer to Christ to save their souls. Four of these were of the same family — three brothers and a sister. Besides them were kneeling their father — a godly man — and two sisters who had already known Jesus to be 'the way, the truth, and the life.' Within a minute or two, two of the brothers exclaimed:— 'Blessed Jesus!' 'Sweet Saviour!' It was then that the scene was truly sublime — the meeting of a father with two newborn sons of God. On last Sabbath morning, affectionate addresses were delivered to them by the Rev. Messrs. Stevenson and McAllister. One and another cried for forgiveness. The scene was solemnizing. To see so many young people in deep agony for their sins, praying to God for the Redeemer's sake to have mercy upon them and, after a time, the Lord lifting up the light of His countenance upon them and giving them peace and joy, was indeed solemnising and joyful."

"The Banner of Ulster" 3rd September 1859

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