Maghera (1859)

In this neighbourhood the work of Grace made manifest in the Revival, still goes on. The meetings for prayer are still kept up, and nearly as well attended as when there was more excitement... In this locality, the effects of a blessed Revival are most apparent, and there is reason to believe that there has been a large number of genuine conversions. Coleraine Chronicle, Jan 28.

From ‘The Revival Newspaper,’ Volume ii, p43/4 Feb 11th 1860.

"The work of the Spirit is more apparent in this town and neighbourhood at present than during any former period. In the absence of any physical excitement whatsoever there are people brought under conviction every day followed nearly in every case, so far as man can judge, by a change of heart and life. Prayer meetings are held every evening, and scarcely a meeting passes without someone being brought under conviction or some anxious enquirer being enabled to lay hold of Christ. Christians here have zeal, but it is a good cause — it is for the conversion of souls and not for the encouragement of extravagance of any kind that might tend to mar the real work of God, or lead pious and shrewd men to doubt that there is a great work of God going on at present. As yet we have seen no cases of deafness or dumbness, nor have we talked with any person who has said he has seen a vision, and we trust we shall be long so as we have no desire at present for new revelations.

"The Banner of Ulster" 17th September 1859

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