First Presbyterian Church Saintfield (1859)

"We are happy to be informed that the good work is still going on in Saintfield. The meetings for prayer held each week in the Presbyterian churches alternately are still largely attended, and every night there have been cases of conviction of sin. Several young men and young women have been stricken down and heard to cry for mercy. Some old men are also now rejoicing in Christ Jesus. All undue excitement is discouraged and all are cautioned against mistaking conviction for conversion. Family worship is now established in many families where it was previously unknown. One of the most cheering sounds which a man could hear is the singing of Psalms by the different groups of people going to their own homes after the prayer meeting closes.

"The whole face of the country is changed. Drunkenness has, to a large extent, ceased. One publican has given up his trade and others are about to follow his example. Would if some of those ministers of the Church of England, who appear to be opposing this movement, could hear the language and the prayers of some of the people! It would lead them to change their views and, if they will not aid the work, at least lead them to speak more charitably concerning it. The other evening the people were warned against the statements of such men as Mr McWayne and asked to pray for them, that the Lord might lead them to change their views of the work and lead them to think more seriously of the use which Romanists and others are making of their foolish and unguarded statements."

"The Banner of Ulster" 12th July 1859

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