Lissara Presbyterian Church (1859)

“The great awakening has reached this place. Prayer meetings are field every evening in Lissara Presbyterian Church. At these meetings some have been suddenly convicted, while others have had their hearts gently opened. Many are now rejoicing in Jesus their Saviour. On Thursday evening there was a wonderful display of the grace and power of God. After the meeting was finished, at a late hour, the people seemed unwilling to go to their homes. They still remained within the grounds of the church, and in the open-air prayer after prayer was offered up on behalf of convicted souls. While this was being done some were stricken down and were heard to say like the publican:— 'God be merciful to me a sinner'. Numbers in this town, who could not be encouraged to attend any place of worship, are found every evening in the sanctuary, and are earnestly praying that they may see Jesus there."

"The Banner of Ulster" 2nd July 1859

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