Porthmadog (1859)

Glorious tidings reach us from Carnarvonshire The towns of Car­narvon, Bangor, Pwllhely, Portmadoc, Tremadoc, Conway, and Llandudno, are awakened to a blessed extent.

The Rev. W. Ambrose, of Portmadoc, writes under date of January 25:—"We have had wonderful times here since I wrote to you last. I hope that hundreds have been really converted during the last two months. A large number of old, steady, respectable hearers have passed through a wonderful change. I have had the pleasure of seeing some, who were among my hearers when I came here, coming forward to make a profession of Christ, after sitting twenty- three years under my ministry. The feeling of that moment I would not exchange for the feeling of an angel in heaven."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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