Bala (1859)

The following communication, respecting the town and neighbourhood of Bala, will be read with interest:

"In a religious sense, Bala is looked upon by the Welsh, and especially by the Calvinistic Methodists, in the same light as the Jews of old regarded Jerusalem. As might be expected, great anxiety was felt by the Lord's people in the place, lest He should leave Bala without that gracious visit­ation which is enjoyed to such a degree in other places. It appears that for some weeks a deep feeling had possessed the students in the two colleges;* but now that feeling is deepened, a cloud of spiritual gifts and blessings has burst upon them. Their prayers are like live coals upon the con­sciences of their hearers, so as to cause the most careless in the town to seek mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are examples here of the most ungodly brought to feel that there is another world; and if it should please the Lord to bless this visitation to the salvation of their souls, it will be as great a wonder to see them in heaven as to see Manasseh. On a Saturday evening, not long ago, one man went from the prayer-meeting to the public-house. After remaining there for some time, the truth respecting his state as a sinner took hold of his mind so powerfully as to send him out of doors. On his way home, in the midst of the public street, he began to cry for mercy and continued doing so for some time after reaching his own house. The children also have been visited, and their prayers are such as to astonish every one that hears them."

A correspondent says:—" At Bala, it is most wonderful. The tutors and students of both colleges have been so blessed with this revival spirit that they have not done much in the way of study for some time past. Prayer- meetings have been held, and are still held in every house in Bala, with three or four exceptions; and a friend in­formed me that they had had some remarkable meetings in the public-houses and inns of the town. It may almost be said that every house is a temple, and every man a priest, offering up a sacrifice to God through Jesus Christ."

From ‘The Welsh Revival’ by Thomas Phillips.

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