Wrestlingworth (1758)

I had designed to spend two evenings here; but Mr Parker informing me that Mr Berridge desired I would come to him as soon as possible, I set out for Everton on Thursday, November 9. I found Mr B. just taking horse with whom I rode on, and in the evening preached at Wrestlingworth, in a large church, well filled with serious hearers.

We lodged at Mr Hickes’s, the Vicar, a witness of the faith which once he persecuted. The next morning I preached in his church again. In the middle of the sermon, a woman before me dropped down as dead, as one had done the night before. In a short time she came to herself and remained deeply sensible of her want of Christ.

Hence we rode to Mr Berridge’s at Everton. For many years he was seeking to be justified by his works: But a few months ago, he was thoroughly convinced, that “by grace” we “are saved through faith.” Immediately he began to proclaim aloud the redemption that is in Jesus; and God confirmed his own word exactly as he did at Bristol, in the beginning, by working repentance and faith in the hearers, and with the same violent outward symptoms.

I preached at six in the evening and five in the morning, and some were struck, just as at Wrestlingworth.

John Wesley's Journal 9th November 1758.

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