Kingswood (1761)

Sunday, Oct 11. I observed God is reviving his work in Kingswood: The society, which had much decreased, being now increased again to near three hundred members; many of whom are now athirst for full redemption, which for some years they had almost forgotten. Tues. 13. — I preached at Newgate; at Kingswood in the afternoon, and in the evening at North-Common. Here a people are sprung up, as it were, out of the earth; most of them employed in the neighbouring brass-works.

We took a view of these the next day; and one thing I learned here, the propriety of that expression, Revelation 1:15: “His feet were as fine brass, burning in a furnace.” The brightness of this cannot easily be conceived: I have seen nothing like it but clear white lightning. Mon. 19. — I desired all those to meet me, who believed they were saved from sin. There were seventeen or eighteen. I examined them severally, as exactly as I could; and I could not find anything in their tempers (supposing they spoke true) any way contrary to their profession.

Wesley's Journal 11th October 1761.

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