Liverpool (1762)

Wed. 4. — I rode to Liverpool, where also was such a work of God as had never been known there before. We had a surprising congregation in the evening, and, as it seemed, all athirst for God. This, I found, had begun here likewise in the latter end of March; and from that time it had continually increased, till a little before I came: Nine were justified in one hour. The next morning I spoke severally with those who believed they were sanctified. They were fifty-one in all: Twenty-one men, twenty-one widows, or married women, and nine young women or children. In one of these the change was wrought three weeks after she was justified; in three, seven days after it; in one, five days; and in Sus. Lutwich, aged fourteen, two days only. I asked Hannah Blakeley, aged eleven, “What do you want now?” She said, with amazing energy, the tears running down her cheeks, “Nothing in this world, nothing but more of my Jesus.” How often “out of the mouth of babes and sucklings” dost thou “perfect praise!”

John Wesley's Journal 4th August 1762.

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