Colchester (1758)

Friday, October 27th. I rode on, through an extremely pleasant and fruitful country, to Colchester. I have seen very few such towns in England. It lies on the ridge of a hill, with other hills on each side which run parallel with it, at a small distance. The two main streets, one running east and west, the other north and south, are quite straight, the whole length of the town, and full as broad as Cheapside.

I preached at four on St. John’s Green, at the side of a high old wall, (a place that seemed to be made on purpose,) to an extremely attentive audience; and again at eight in the morning, on Saturday, 28, and at four in the afternoon. In the hours between I took the opportunity of speaking to the members of the society. In three months here are joined together one hundred and twenty persons. A few of these know in whom they have believed, and many are sensible of their wants. Sun. 29. — At eight the congregation was very large, and I believe God made his word quick and powerful. At four in the afternoon we had a Moorfields congregation. Many of the baser sort stood at a distance; but they made no disturbance, knowing the Magistrates are determined to suffer no riot at Colchester.

John Wesley's Journal 27th October 1758.

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