Cornwall Circuit - Thomas Rankin (1764)

I assume this is a spillover from the Otley Revival.

The first evening I (Thomas Rankin) preached, the Lord was pleased to give me an earnest of what He was about to do in this town, as well as in all the Circuit. Ten or twelve were awakened under that sermon. I looked upon this as a token for good, and I believed we should see glorious days of the Son of man. The whole county was one Circuit, but we were obliged to divide it into two: three preachers supplied the west and three the eastern part.

After preaching two or three nights in Redruth, I joined about forty, young and old, to the society; and many of them had found a clear sense of the love of God previous to their becoming members. Indeed the Spirit was poured out from on high, and great was our glorying in God our Saviour. Before I left the country, we had joined near a thousand to the different societies, most of whom were joined to the Lord in one spirit; and some hundreds were enabled to love God with all their hearts. Such a work of Divine grace I had never been witness to before; but these were only drops before the shower when compared with the number of young persons who were deeply wrought upon, and some children also.

When the time drew near to leave the Circuit, my feelings were such as words cannot describe. The parting was deeply affecting, and in particular with my Redruth friends, who wept and mourned, as one for his first-born. Nine out of ten of those friends are gone to their eternal reward, and I hope to meet them

Thomas Jackson, ‘The Early Methodist Preachers’, Volume 5, 176-8.

In a 'Memoir of Richard Trewavas Sen' it states that there was a revival at the time in Mousehole.

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