Wesley's Chapel (1761)

Tues 24 I retired to Lewisham and transcribed the list of the society. About one hundred and sixty I left out, to whom I can do no good at present. The number of those which now remain is two thousand three hundred and seventy-five. Fri. 27. — At twelve I met about thirty persons who had experienced a deep work of God, and I appointed an hour for meeting them every week. Whether they are saved from sin or no, they are certainly full of faith and love, and peculiarly helpful to my soul. Sun, March 1st. — We had a happy love-feast at the chapel. Many of our brethren spoke plainly and artlessly what God had done for their souls. I think none were offended, but many were strengthened and comforted. Wed. 4. — I was scarce come into the room where a few believers were met together when one began to tremble exceedingly, and soon after sunk to the floor. After a violent struggle, she burst out into prayer, which was quickly changed into praise. She then declared, “The Lamb of God has taken away all my sins.” She spoke many strong words to the same effect, rejoicing with joy unspeakable. Fri. 6. — I met again with those who believe God has delivered them from the root of bitterness. Their number increases daily. I know not if fifteen or sixteen have not received the blessing this week.

John Wesley's Journal 24th February 1761.

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