Spitalfields (1758)

Sun, 29th. — We had an uncommon blessing at West Street and a still greater at Spitalfields. Some could not refrain from crying aloud to God, and he did not cast out their prayers. Many thanksgivings have since been offered to God for the blessings of that hour.

Wesley's Journal 29th January 1758.

Thomas Maxfield preached at Spitalfields on Sunday, March 15, 1761: “After the sermon, the power of God was very present. Many were groaning and weeping, when Sarah Webb, falling down to the ground, cried aloud, declaring that God had set her soul at liberty. At the same time one at the bottom of the chapel declared, The Lord had made him whole. The flame now began to spread, and everyone seemed to feel, God was in that place.”

On January 1st 1762, there were 2,000 at communion.

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Location unknown.

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