Ness (1860)

According to Tom Lennie, the revival which went to much of Scotland in 1860 came to Ness, but I cannot find any other evidence that the revival came to the island. There were also revivals in Ness in 1886, 1874, 1902, 1921, 1922-6, 1939, 1950.

The 1922 revival was through the ministry of Roddy McLeod who was only on Lewis for 4 years, but the area was in revival all that time.

For more information see, ‘Glory in the Glen,’ by Tom Lennie, p266, 289-90, 313-7, 382-3. and ‘Sounds from Heaven, by Colin and Mary Peckham (for details of the 1949-52 revival), both published by Christian Focus Publications.

Additional Information

Looking at a map of the period this was where the Ness Free Church was and the building seems to be still standing according to Google Earth.

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