Arnol (1950)

The revival came powerfully to Arnol. There was no church so they met in a hall. Duncan Campbell started meetings in April. Prayer meetings were held here for an extended period to get breakthrough as the revival took a while to ignite. It was a difficult evening, and after midnight Duncan Campbell asked John Smith (see this website - Ballantrusal) to pray as he had a gift for breaking through.

His prayer was approximately, 'Lord, I do not know how Mr Campbell or any of these other men stand with you, but I know my heart. I know that I am thirsty. You promised to pour water on him that is thirsty. If you don;'t do it how can I ever believe you again. Your honour is at stake. You are a covenant keeping God. Fulfil your covenant engagement.' (I have seen two accounts which differ a little from each other.)

At that moment the house shook; no other house in the area was shaken. Two unsaved women began crying for mercy and were saved. As Campbell came out of the house he saw people going to the meeting hall, some carrying chairs. The revival had begun.

For more information see,‘Sounds from Heaven, by Colin and Mary Peckham (for details of the 1949-52 revival), published by Christian Focus Publications, p113.

Additional Information

This is the house which shook. It is now used as a repair shop.

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