Garrabost (1921)

All three Free Churches in the area were packed, including this one which had 1,800 people daily. The revival spread to other areas, but details seem to be sketchy.

There was another revival here in 1935-6. The minister was William Campbell. In the middle of a service he stopped preaching and the Spirit fell on the congregation. Around 40 gave their lives to the Lord at that service. This revival spread all over the island, being known as the Layman's Revival, and was mainly based in the Free Church.

Although the Church of Scotland was the main Church involved in the 1949-52 revival, the Free Church here was also part of it. (p55 SFH)

For more information see, ‘Glory in the Glen,’ by Tom Lennie, p308-9,346-8, and ‘Sounds from Heaven, by Colin and Mary Peckham (for details of the 1949-52 revival), both published by Christian Focus Publications.

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