Galson (1822)

John MacLeod from Kilmaluag, Skye, came to Galson in 1820 as a schoolmaster for the Gaelic School Society. He came to the Lord through the 1812 revival in Skye. Having a passion to spread the 'Good News' he began meetings where he preached the Gospel, however, this was against the rules of the Society. The local minister, MacRea of Barvas, was very annoyed and brought about MacLeod's dismissal.

However, the people came together, paid his salary and built him a school. Many came to the Lord through his ministry. MacRea removed all 'church privileges' from MacLeod's supporters, but people were not put off. The revival spread with Barvas being at the centre of it. Becasue of the manifestations that came with the Holy Spirit, this year became known as 'The Year of Swoonings.' Opposition from some of the ministers was strong; especially from MacRea and the minister at Uig. However, in 1824 Alexander MacLeod became the new minister in Uig, and as an evangelical he was a friend of the revival. He appointed John MacLeod as Gaelic teacher in the parish. What happened in Uig can be read in the biography section.

From, 'The Skye Revivals' by Steve Taylor, published by New Wine Press, p107-110.

Additional Information

The marker is where a school is indicated on a map from around 1860. It is likely that this was the school MacLeod began. There is a building there today, but I do not know what it is.

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