Pontrhydfendigaid (1823-1828)

1824 Pontrhydfendigaid, Cardiganshire. ‘In the year 1824, the region was stirred by a religious revival, the consequence of which was that 130 sought membership of the church, and because of this great success a new chapel had to be built. The third chapel was raised in 1827.’ (Canmlwyddiant Capel Rhydfendigaid 1859-1959: Braslun o Hanes y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd ym Mhontrhydfendigaid o’r Flwyddyn 1794 hyd 1959, 1959, pp.14-5)

1828 Pontrhydfendigaid, Cardiganshire. ‘In the year 1828, another revival broke out in the region, stronger than the previous ones.’ (J.J. Morgan, Dafydd Morgan, p.4)

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