West Presbyterian Church (1923)

"What do you think of Nicholson?" In the early spring of 1923 this was the question on the lips of everyone in Ballymena, the next town scheduled to be visited in this great series of meetings. The mission was held in Wellington Street Presbyterian Church, and the spiritual harvest was one of abundance. At a meeting of the Kirk ses­sion of April 30, 1923, it was revealed that no fewer than 361 persons with Wellington Street connections had gone through the enquiry rooms at the Nicholson mission. Further evidence of the lasting results of the mission was to be found at the May communion, when there was an unprecedented accession to the congregational membership—a total of 110 joined by profession of faith.

Some can still recall the singing of the shipyard men as they marched in procession through the streets of Ballymena from the rail­way station to the Wellington Street church still wearing their working clothes and many of them carrying paraffin lamps to illuminate the pages of their Alexander hymn books.

On the last night of the mission, William was carried around the town of Ballymena on the shoulders of the shipyard men. The mission was not only a wonderful time of blessing for the church and commu­nity, but an unforgettable experience for the evangelist. Over 2,530 persons, young and old. passed through the enquiry rooms to receive Christ as their Saviour.

From 'All for Jesus' by Stanley Barnes, published by Ambassador Productions, p78-9.