Assembly Hall (1925)

The mission in Belfast, which was also the last mission of the campaign, was held in the historic Assembly Hall of the Presbyterian Church in the heart of the city. Although held in this building, the mission was arranged by an interdenominational committee, which represented most of the denominations of the City of Belfast. Many expressed concern as to the timing of the mission, as August was a holi­day month and a large section of the population would be away on holi­day. But William was convinced of the Lord's will that the mission should proceed.

The meetings began on Sunday 2nd August 1925. The afternoon service was to commence at 2.30 p.m. but long before that the Assembly Hall was crowded out with over 3,000 in attendance. The evening meet­ing was due to begin at 8.15 p.m. and again the Hall was packed long before that time.

During the course of the mission hundreds stood and said, "I will," to Christ and came to know Him as Saviour and Lord.

From 'All for Jesus' by Stanley Barnes, published by Ambassador Productions, p100-1