St Enochs Presbyterian Church (1922)

St. Enochs: William held another outstanding mission in the city of Belfast in St. Enochs Presbyterian Church which was the largest Pres­byterian Church building on the European side of the Atlantic. The visit of the American evangelist D. L. Moody along with his song leader Ira D. Sankey to St. Enochs and other churches did much to rekindle the revival fires of the 1859 awakening. A reporter of the Telegraph wrote the following account of his visit to the United Mission at St. Enochs which I quote in full so that we might recapture something of what it must have been like to be present at a Nicholson United Mission.


St. Enoch's is packed every night from floor to ceiling, even the pulpit is crammed with people and the choir alcove filled to the full at the mission being conducted by the Rev. W. P. Nicholson. Announced to commence at eight the church is packed at six in the ordinary sense that every seat the builder provided has almost two people on it, and by seven o'clock every inch which will accommodate a worshiper is taken up. When a Telegraph man went there at 6:45—the opening of the second week of the mission—there was no room on the ground floor save a little space tight against the pulpit...

From 'All for Jesus' by Stanley Barnes, published by Ambassador Productions, p70.

Over 1,500 went through the enquiry rooms at St Enochs.

Additional Information

Sadly this area went downhill and the church is now closed.