First Prebyterian Church Newtownards (1921)

In November a mission followed in Strean Pres­byterian Church, but the attendance was so great, the meetings were moved to the larger First Presbyterian Church. One elderly man who remembered the 1859 revival, said that some of the effects of the Holy Spirit's working even exceeded what happened in '59.

A report by one of the workers reads:

A band of seventy voluntary workers from the various churches were employed as ushers, enquiry room attendants, booksellers and pew watchers. It was the duty of the latter to get in touch with any person who appeared to be anxious and seek to lead them out. I would say in this respect I had the great joy of seeing two to whom I spoke turn back and wait for the after-meeting, at which they came out for the Lord. One of these is a very bright young Christian and a really active worker. For about three weeks there was an average of fifty each night passing through the enquiry room, some truly remarkable cases being amongst these. That the Lord is no respecter of persons was clearly seen by the varied types of sinners who sought Eternal Life. On the last Sunday, exactly 117 signed the decision card. The latter is similar to that used in 1859. After the mission, 350 decision card tear-offs were sent to the Presbyterian Church, and 250, 140 and 100 to three other churches in the town.

From 'All for Jesus' by Stanley Barnes, published by Ambassador Productions, p64.