Townend Street Presbyterian Church (1922)

Belfast: The Shankhill Road mission was held when the political troubles and bloodshed were at their worst in the city; people travelling by tram to the mission had to lie on the floorboards to avoid being hit by rifle bullets. Gunfire could Kirk-session during the services. The invitation to Nicholson was extended by Dr Henry Montgomery who had carried on an evangelistic and social work for a quarter of a century in the area. The first meeting was held in the Albert Hall on the Sunday evening of February 11. Before Mr Nicholson preached in the Albert Hall, he con­ducted meetings in two other neighbouring churches—Townsend Street Presbyterian in the morning and Agnes Street Methodist Church in the afternoon. A report in the Belfast Newsletter Belfast Newsletter speaks of the services being, "quite phe­nomenal in their character." Another report in the same paper speaks of the sermon producing, "a deep impression on the congregation and that the after-meeting was crowded." states that the hall was crowded with a most attentive audience, and the sermon was a rousing appeal to church members. Every available corner was occupied and those who could not find a seat stood throughout the entire service. As for the forty-five minute sermon, "there was not a dull moment during its entire delivery, and many were profoundly moved." From 'All for Jesus' by Stanley Barnes, published by Ambassador Productions, p66.