Radford - John Smith (1826)

At new Basford, the people appear to be panic struck. Some of the most notoriously wicked characters have been converted to God. I gave fourteen notes of admittance to persons in one class at that place a few weeks ago, all of whom professed to have found peace with God. We had a blessed time there last Thursday. The glory of God filled the place and five obtained mercy. Many souls have been saved there every week for some time past. I gave seventeen notes at old Radford a short time since all who received professed to have obtained liberty. The work is going on. In several places it is spring. Hallelujah! At Nottingham souls are saved every week. More than a dozen were saved after Mr Dawson had preached a few weeks ago: and six found peace with God on the morning of the same day in a private house. I have seen some signal work also in the Mansfield and Ilkeston circuits."

R Treffry's 'Life of John Smith' p213


Additional Information

The chapel in Radford was built in 1808 and was extended in 1828 as a result of this revival. I do not know if it was on the same ground as this.

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