Burton Joyce - John Smith (1826)

"March 22. I am still choosing God for my portion, and his good service for my employment. I wish to be used much and God to have all the glory. I cannot, I will not be easy without seeing effects. Nay, I must not, I dare not, thanks be to God, and I am determined that He shall have all the praise. God is working mightily among us. I think we have on trial this quarter about four hundred and fifty. Labouring, pleading men are increasing. God will stand to his engagements: the work must go on. About a hundred have begun to meet in class at Arnold during the last quarter. The last time I was there, not fewer I think than twenty found peace. God seems to be agitating nearly the whole village. Lenton, which has long been desert, is fresh and green: the society has been more than doubled. Burton the same. At Bulwell last Monday night, my very dear father preached. Two were cleansed from sin, and eight or ten found peace. On Tuesday at old Basford, one obtained a clean heart, and twelve or fourteen found peace. We had about eight saved at Hockley chapel last Sunday night. Glory, Glory be to God! "

R Treffry's 'Life of John Smith' p256-7


Additional Information

The first chapel was built in 1824. I am assuming it stood on the same spot as the current chapel.

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