Bassingham - John Smith (1829)

Last Sunday I was at Bassingham. I preached at half past one, from 'Create in me a clean heart,' &c. We then had a good love-feast. Just as I was about to give out a verse and commence a prayer meeting, a fine young man got up and told us, that he had some time ago lost a clean heart, but that he had been powerfully acted upon again during the sermon. I was on the point of speaking to him, when he said, ' God cleansed me again!' It went like electric fluid. I said, ' Now you see the cleansing power of God is in the chapel; you that want a clean heart may have one.' One man exclaimed, ' I have got it,' and looking around, added, ' You may all have it'. We began to pray, and the meeting did not conclude, until I went to preach at six o'clock. I was told that thirty-three obtained entire sanctification and many were pardoned. In the evening, the strong power of God was present. I suppose towards thirty were pardoned and many cleansed. Glory be to God! I went on Monday to Besthorpe. Seventeen found peace, several were cleansed, and others in distress. Yesterday morning, I saw two cleansed, and one get into liberty. These are days of grace. It is God's will that they should continue. Hallelujah! On Monday night, at the prayer meeting in Lincoln, four or five and twenty were saved. Expectation, is high and God will not fail. Love to the praying men."

From R Treffry's. 'Life of John Smith' p281.

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