Hockley Chapel - John Smith (1826)

"July 21, 1829. Dear brother M'Demiott, — For many weeks I have been labouring hard, and I have stood it well. Many seals have been given to my ministry, and to the agonizing prayers of God's people. Frequently four, five, six, have been saved in an evening; — several individuals in families. Last Sunday I was at Hockley, perhaps for the last time; numbers went away who could not get into the chapel. The mighty power of God was among us. It is said that not fewer than thirty were saved. Last night I was at new Basford: such floods of heavenly influence I have seldom witnessed. Many were saved."

R Treffry's 'Life of John Smith' p273-4


Additional Information

The Methodists occupied the chapel until 1839.

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