Hyson Green - John Smith (1826)

"Oct 7, 1826. I trust that there may be many who will actively concur with the Spirit. The Spirit is grieved both with opposition and inaction. — Some scores have been set at liberty since I was at Cudworth, and many have obtained clean hearts. During the feast week at Radcliffe, I think about thirty souls found peace. Last Tuesday, Mr Hannah opened a chapel at Hyson Green. In the evening at the prayer meeting, I think five souls were saved. Two years ago, we had no society in that place. Now we have fifty in society, and ten on trial; and a chapel that will hold more than three hundred people."

R Treffry's 'Life of John Smith' p255


Additional Information

The chapel mentioned was probably the 220 seater which stood where the Asda store is today, as marked on the map.

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