Bath - John Smith (1823)

In the course of the year, Mr Smith paid several visits to Bath; and in that city his labours were greatly blessed. On one occasion, at a prayer meeting at Walcot chapel, several were in distress, and seven or eight obtained mercy. On the following evening, Mr Smith preached at King Street chapel. Much divine power was present, and upwards of twenty penitents received pardon. " The work," says he in one of his subsequent letters, " is going on still. At one meeting since, I have heard that twenty-two found peace." At one of the above meetings, there was present a medical gentleman, who was a member of another religious community. At the conclusion, he came to Mr S., and taking him by the hand said, " Well sir, you are a stranger to me, but I know your Master. I never witnessed such a night as this, but I perceive nothing here contrary to the scriptures. I could not leave the place without saying this to you and wishing you God speed!" adding, with other expressions of kindness, "and when your lungs are worn out if you will come to me, I may perhaps be able to say something which will do you good." This instance of cordial and catholic feeling was very gratifying to Mr S and connected as it was with an unusual order of ministerial labour, seems to deserve record in these pages. After the missionary anniversary also, Mr Smith with his excellent superintendent, conducted a prayer meeting in one of the Bath chapels, in which about twenty persons were justified, and ten or twelve enabled to rejoice in the blessing of perfect love.

R Treffry's 'Life of John Smith' p195-6.

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