Wednesbury Circuit - Thomas Collins (1841)

Sunday, November 28th, was spent in the Wednesbury Circuit on behalf of Missions. The congregations were crowds, and the collections double those of the foregoing year. Rumour had carried before him fame of the unction which so commonly gave success to his ministry. Praying people and troubled souls naturally, therefore, resorted to the service. As he was commencing the customary intercession meeting after sermon, he saw a number of persons so standing as to block the approaches to the Communion rail, around which his manner was to gather inquirers. His request, that these, by retiring, should leave the way of access open for penitent seekers, was met unexpectedly, but happily, by the assurance that they themselves were penitent seekers, waiting only his earliest invitation at once to place themselves in order about him. A large harvest was easily gathered where all were so prepared and so expectant.

From 'The Life of the Rev Thomas Collins,' by Samuel Coley, p177.

Additional Information

The marker shows where a Methodist chapel stood in 1883, so Collins may have spoken here.

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