Stourport - Thomas Collins (1844)

Friday, October 25th. In special services at Stourport many sinners were won home to Christ. One aged man of ninety years impressed me much by the simple fervour with which I found him saying over and over again the Apostles' Creed.

Sunday, October 27th. A dozen found the Lord last night; among them two poor lost girls from the street. They were brought by one who had been of their own class, but whom the Lord had rescued some while ago. How her eyes glistened while they prayed! As the meeting closed, D. said to me, " I have all the week been looking forward to, and praying about, this day. So concerned was I that last night it filled my head, as is usual in dreams, with thoughts turned to whimsies. I saw you fishing. ' What,' said I, with surprise, ' fishing on Sunday? ' ' The best of all days for my fishing,' you replied. It has made me very glad to-night to see how your net has prospered." As this recital was finished, a stout, fresh-looking countryman, who had been made gloriously happy in God, came to shake hands with me before he went. Wishing to secure him for a class, I asked his name, " Salmon. John Salmon, sir." This coincidence of name and dream was so odd and unexpected that it amused me exceedingly.

From ‘The Life of the Rev Thomas Collins, by Samuel Coley, p233.

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