Goudhurst - Thomas Collins (1831)

(There was a general revival across the circuit.)

It will give fair insight into the work of the Circuit to produce jottings of the first three Sabbaths spent in it. "Sunday, September 8th, 1832. Goudhurst. Held a prayer-meeting at six o'clock: one in distress. Gave tickets at eight: two in distress. Preached at half-past ten, and gave tickets after. Held a short prayer-meeting immediately after dinner. Preached at half-past two, and gave tickets after. Found one mourning soul out at the tea table. Preached at six o'clock; held a prayer-meeting; several persons were in sorrow. As the youths of a school attending the chapel seemed much affected, I announced a meeting for them at five o'clock the next morning. They came, and several of them received comfort."

From ‘The Life of the Rev Thomas Collins’ by Samuel Coley p61.


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