Gravesend - Thomas Collins (1832)

On September 1st Mr Collins safely landed at Gravesend; and went straightway to the Wesleyan Superintendent, Mr Gilpin, for advice about lodging. Not every minister can bear Saturday intrusions with equanimity. Perhaps this accounts for Mr Collins's quiet observation, "A good man but snarly rather, I thought" A "quid pro quo" for the time consumed was found. He obtained Mr Collins a Methodist home, and Mr Collins preached for him next evening at the chapel. That service was memorable. Sinners were pardoned, backsliders reclaimed, believers sanctified. Fifteen names were recorded. Hearing of this, his father wrote: "Those fifteen souls were God's seal of your call. Remember, henceforth, what God hath sent you to do.

From 'The Life of the Rev Thomas Collins' by Samuel Coley p50.

The photo comes from the Gravesend Methodist Website.

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