Skarfskerry - Thomas Collin's Father (1837)

Thomas Collins’ father’s journal.

Saturday, May 20th. Rose with a sore throat. Set off. Prayed with the family at a cot on the way. Weary and very poorly reached Skarfskerry. Immediately retired to rest.

Sunday, 21st. Preached in the morning from Ps. li. 10: "Create within me a clean heart." In the afternoon from Matt. xxix. 4: "Take heed that no man deceive you." I called attention to some points about which they should take heed, e. g.wildfire should believe nothing bad about the blessed God; and, except as given from Him, nothing good about themselves. They should despair of ever saving themselves even from one sin, but never doubt that the Lord can save them from all sin. They must never explain away what God has promised, or think that God will not do it; or that He will not do it now; or that grace cannot work as well in the time of health as in the hour of dissolution. They must never tell lies to appear humble or keep sin to keep them humble. They must never imagine that the righteous live in sin: or that any who do so are anything else but servants of the devil.

At night I preached from Matt. xxiv. 45: "Who then is that wise servant," &c. Bless the Lord for three sweet seasons and three large congregations. This is the best country in Christendom for a Minister who loves to labour in the Word and doctrine. The people seem never to tire. I began at eleven and ended at one. Re-commenced at two, and closed at five. At it again at six, kept on till eight, then held a prayer-meeting until nine. After that I met the class. After class I stayed with some distressed and anxious souls, nor could we separate till the noon of night. Bless the Lord, many were comforted. When I reached my lodgings, I found my host and his wife weeping in bitter penitence: so to prayer I fell again; and, ere we retired, both were glad in the pardoning love of God. Jesus maketh us to triumph!

From ‘The Life of the Rev Thomas Collins’ by Samuel Coley p122.

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