Belmont Row Chapel, Birmingham - Thomas Collins (1843)

To Leamington, and to Birmingham, Mr Collins went forth to give his valuable help in similar services. In the Birmingham East Circuit, for weeks before he came, a few young men united in intercession for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit in connection with his visit. It came. At Belmont, on February 15th, he preached from Acts ii. 40. It was a sermon perhaps matched, but not exceeded, in raciness and strength by Daniel Isaac's published discourse from the same text. Much good resulted. The next night he expounded Deut xxviii. 26 29, in the most sweet, simple, spiritual manner possible.

At the conclusion of his sermon, filled with things deep, touching, and very beautiful, the Communion rail, at a word was surrounded by seekers; and as fast as any, being made happy, withdrew, others took their place. By such relays, through two on hours, the whole space was kept full.

From 'The Life of the Rev Thomas Collins,' by Samuel Coley, p212.

Additional Information

The Chapel was built in 1794, but it now no longer exists.

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