St Georges Church Great Yarmouth (1921)

Douglas Brown returned to Great Yarmouth for the first two weeks of November, joining Jock Troup for a few days until Troup was called away to Scotland. Troup had had a vision of a man in Fraserburgh who was praying for the Lord to send them the evangelist Powerful meetings continued to be held in four churches. The Congregational Church was filled for the morning prayer meetings. Two hundred prayer requests a day were made for loved ones. Prayers were not more than a minute long, and as the week went on, answers to previous prayers were noted with great joy. Each afternoon around seven hundred filled the Deneside Wesleyan Church to hear the Word of God. In the evening Deneside and St Georges were jammed with 1,500 people. The presence of God was very strong. Brown said of the November 5th evening meeting, ‘I tell you frankly, if a man could pass through a meeting like that without breaking his heart with joy, he must be made of granite.’

For more see, 'A Forgotten Revival', by Stanley Griffin, published by DayOne Publications.