Peterhead - Cordiner (1921)

David Cordiner was saved in the Baptist Church, Peterhead when he was thirteen. This may have been in the 1911 revival (see this website). He of a fisherman, going to Great Yarmouth during the herring season. While there in 1921 he went to the revival meetings; getting a new passion for Jesus. He believed that the Lord wanted him to be a preacher, so despite the discouragement of friends and family because they thought him too quiet; he pursued his denominations.

Cordiner began by preaching in Broadgate, Peterhead, on his return home, and on the second night he had 200 people listening to him, so they went to the Salvation Army Hall. 'For six weeks meetings went on every night (often outside), David bearing the greater share of the work but others also coming to help, and hundreds professed faith in Christ.'

Cordiner had picked up the anointing to preach in Great Yarmouth and poured it out in Peterhead.

For more see 'A Forgotten Revival' by Stanley Griffin, published by Day One Publications. Also 'Glory in the Glen' by Tom Lennie, published by Christian Focus.

Additional Information

be three was Broadgate where the meetings were sometimes held.