Fraserburgh (1921)

Jock Troup was a forerunner back to Scotland. He left Great Yarmouth because he saw a man in a vision, beckoning him to come to Fraserburgh. As soon as he arrived in Fraserburgh he spoke in the Market Place. A crowd gathered and it was suggested that he continue the meeting in the Baptist Church. On arriving at the church they found the pastor and deacons leaving. They had just finished a meeting where they had decided to invite Troup to come to Fraserburgh. Among the deacons was the very man Troup had seen in his vision. The service had only just begun in the church when people began weeping over their lost condition. The revival had come to Scotland. There were open-air meetings in Saltoun Square, and by December the only venue big enough was the 1,200 seater Parish Church.

Additional Information

Where Jock Troup began preaching in Scotland.