Kessingland Bethel (1921)

People from the seaside village of Kessingland four miles south of Low­estoft would bus, cycle or walk into the town for the meetings. A number of appeals were sent to Douglas Brown to preach in the village but it was impossi­ble to arrange a visit during the first two weeks, so a message was .sent to the people to devote themselves to prayer. A visit to Kessingland Bethel was arranged for the Thursday evening of the third week. The preacher delivered his message and had only ten minutes to spare before returning to Lowestoft to preach. Nevertheless, there were a number of professions of conversion and there are people in Kessingland today who remember that time.

From, 'A Forgotten Revival', by Stanley Griffin, page 29-30, with permission from the publisher DayOne Publications.

Additional Information

I am not sure if the meetings were held here or in the building in the foreground.