Great Yarmouth Market Place - Jock Troup (1921)

Against this background Jock Troup arrived in Great Yarmouth in the autumn of 1921. On the third Saturday in October Troup stood in the Market Place and preached on Isaiah 63:1. Suddenly the power of God came down and strong fishermen were thrown to the ground and cried to God for mercy. The presence of God was there for many days to come, and many were brought under a deep conviction of sin. On one occasion three girls from Scotland failed to turn up for work. Their employer found them in their rooms, deeply troubled in their soul. Troup was called for; he led them to Christ and they went back to work. Men were saved on their boats out at sea. One man telegrammed home to Scotland, ‘Saved ten miles from Knoll Lightship. Last to ring in on this ship.’ 1921 was one of the worst herring harvests on record, mainly because of the terrible weather, but it was a great year for the harvest of souls.

Summarised from 'A forgotten Revival' by Stanley Griffin. pages 61-62, with permission from DayOne Publications.