Pisgah Chapel (1893)


At the age of fifteen he was appointed a teacher over the local children and he continued to teach Sunday School for the next few years. For much of the time Roberts taught the children at the new Pisgah chapel and it was good training for the work that he was called to do later. He was clearly a bright, diligent and accomplished man. From joining the church membership at the age of thirteen Roberts was seeking more and more of God. He himself considered these thirteen years before the revival began as a continuous preparation for the work that he was called to do. He did not find what he was looking for in the chapel services and he continued to search for the deeper things of God. He never had enough and was always pressing in for more. He said that nothing influenced him more than communion with God. He prayed from a very early age and as he got older he would pray at home while walking along the road and often at work. He often preferred praying to having meals; he constantly felt something drawing him into communion with his Heavenly Father. He would often pray for hours at a time.